COVID-19: TotoSci Innovator develops hands-free Soap and Water dispenser for contactless experience using Arduino

We have recognized that the pandemic will spread if we continue with our normal ways” Hon. Mutahi Kagwe Cabinet Secretary for Health in the Republic of Kenya. Hand washing at conventional washbasins is among these normal ways.

The touch-free automatic soap and water dispenser where people can wash their hands as many times as they want without touching the tap or soap dispenser is the answer to this problem.

This tap doesn’t require people to use their hands at all except for washing them — and also saves 80% of the water that would otherwise flow in those 20 seconds.

One of the most important steps we can take to avoid getting sick and spreading Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic is keeping our hands clean. Doctors recommend that people should wash their hands properly for 20 seconds. However, this process is also riddled with problems like water wastage and touching the same surface that you had earlier touched with your dirty hands to close the tap. This is problematic for all of us.

Responding to these concerns, Paul Waweru (TotoSci Academy STEAM Trainer), an innovator and Physics Teacher from Mwihoko Secondary has developed what he calls ‘Hands-free soap and water dispenser’. This dispenser doesn’t require people to use their hands at all except for washing them.

Made of locally available material, Arduino and sensors have two dispensers, soap dispensing container and water dispensing pipe. The dispenser uses object detection technology to detect your hands and release either water or the soap.

The dispenser is user friendly and able to relay different messages to the user:

Mr. Waweru is just an individual and cannot do much alone. But if many individuals come together we can achieve something as Kenyan. People are distributing masks, sanitizers, and other critical equipment like ventilators. You can see how big an impact these people are making. So, we have to all come together as Kenyans. Even a mask can save a life and from coronavirus. Similarly, this innovation can hopefully help reduce the risk of COVID19.

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